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How To Stop Nighttime Coughing

Cold and flu season is upon us and once the new school year begins, germs spread like wildfire. Everyone gets sick. Teachers, kids and parents alike. No one is immune. It doesn’t matter how much hand sanitizer we use or how often we wash our hands. Or how we cough into our arms and yell […]

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When Should You Buy Your Child A Cell Phone?

One of the decisions we face as parents is when to buy our child a cell phone. Their level of independence can be more important than their age. I gave my daughter her first phone on her tenth birthday. She kept asking me when she could have one. I wanted it to be a surprise […]

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Life Is A Do-It-Yourself Project

Can we agree to be proactive in life from now on instead of reactive? Hey, it’s just a simple fact that being proactive is less stressful than trying to react every time something happens to us. And I don’t think I would be too far off the mark by saying that we could all use […]

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The Right Age to Play With a Soft Toy

Going to meet a friend or a family member and struggling to find a right toy for their kids can be real pain for a person with no idea of these things. The babies either infant or a toddler, have different choices of toys according to their age groups and the one toy that never […]

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